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Noni Zondi is originally from Soweto, South Africa and she is a rapper with a big booty that is famous for the song “Come Get It”. Some have even called Noni Zondi the African Nicki Minaj because they have similar bodies and sex appeal.

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Nigerian girl from an African village with her face down and her ass up for a white man that is wearing two condoms when he is fucking that black pussy because you can never be too careful when you are having sex with girls from a village in Africa…

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Set your gaze on this dark black pussy from Ghana, Africa because this is some of the darkest African pussy on the planet that can be found nowhere else than on the Mother Continent. The women of west Africa do not shave their pussy and they the bush grow wild like this natural hairy vagina!

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These two sweaty Africans are having sex in the heat of the Congo jungle! Hear them make grunting sounds as they fuck in the middle of nature like God wants without wearing any condoms and cumming inside the pussy! African womens vaginas are hot and moist like the jungles of the Congo that they come from.

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Whenever a white traveller wants to hire a hooker these African whores do their best to please him! This Ethiopian hooker from Addis Ababa gives him a sloppy bareback blowjob and offers to let him fuck her pussy bareback too! But he remembers that is he is Africa and he better wear a condom when fucking the local hookers!

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This is what a proper round Somalian booty is supposed to look like! When you grease up a round black ass it becomes nice and shiny. It makes you want to enter her juicy African pussy from behind and then penetrate her asshole with your slick cock!